Spending many hours researching, writing, and editing your content or hiring the best copywriter to write impressive blog posts for your website helps your content rank well in search engines. You, of course, want your content to land on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP) so that your target audience can easily discover it.

However, great content does not always reach the top of the search engine result page. While ranking your content may be a piece of cake, we rounded up some tips on how to strategically optimize awe-inspiring content that is currently not ranking well in the search engine:


 Ways to Boost Great Content that Fails to Rank Well


1. Learn how Google algorithms work. Google algorithm is a program used for ranking websites on SERP, which scrutinizes each set of unique web page characteristics it indexes. When online users have a search query, Google displays the indexed content with the most relevant answers in the search results. As it crawls new content, it thoroughly analyzes various aspects, like the value and quality of the content, to determine its ranking in the search results. Creating a valuable and relevant content can help you earn Google’s trust and attract your target audience to your website.

2. Focus on long-tail keywords. Optimizing a blog post does not necessarily mean inserting as many keywords into the content as possible. This can result in keyword stuffing, which can actually hurt your SEO efforts. Long-tail keywords are more efficient to use compared to “typical keywords” because they are more targeted, have higher conversion rates, and yield better results and click-throughs.


 Ways to Boost Great Content that Fails to Rank Well


3. Insert one to two keywords in particular parts of the content. After performing a keyword research, incorporate one to two keywords into the following parts of your blog:

  • Title
  • Headers and Body
  • URL
  • Meta-Description

4. Improve your site’s speed. Good user experience is essential to good SEO. Most online users have no patience for websites that take more than 10 seconds to load. Hence, website speed becomes an important ranking component. Improving your content load speed engages users to read, interact, and share the content.


Ways to Boost Great Content that Fails to Rank Well


5. Make your site mobile-friendly. Google has revealed that more people are using mobile devices than on desktops to search for information or products online. Since the April 2015 algorithm update, Google has been favouring mobile-friendly websites by rewarding them with more points and giving them better chances in the search engine ranking.

6. Optimize content for users. One great way to increase the visibility of your content is by focusing on creating content that provides answers or solutions to users’ problems and keeping your target audience in mind instead of the search engine. Your content should be written with the intention of engaging a real human. Writing a fresh, unique, and valuable content can give you an edge over your competitors.