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Being on the phone for hours with customers can get the conversation monotonous, repetitive and uninteresting. As a business owner, you should take the customer-facing role seriously. Take it as an opportunity to engage with them in fascinating and interesting discussions. Your rapport with your customers can make or break your business. 

Building a good relationship with customers helps you expand not just your network but your business, as well. Satisfied customers are more likely to become your loyal customers and recommend your business to their network of friends. 

To maximize these experiences, we will share a few helpful tricks to successfully build customer rapport.

  • Be Yourself – Being yourself means being genuine not only to yourself but also to your customers. Do not try to create a new persona just to create an impression. Customers can tell when you are being fake. Just relax, smile, and show a positive attitude. 
  • Find Common Interests – Identifying the things you and your customer have in common can effectively forge a bond with them. When you engage in a conversation, be mindful of their outside interest, such as travel, sports, and hobbies, and discover similar interests you share with them. This helps you to establish a conversation and an initial connection.


Customer satisfaction helps you stand out from the competition
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  • Make Your Customers Feel Special and Valued – One of the secrets in building strong customer relationships is making them feel special and valued. Do not just show it—show them they are worth your time and attention.
  • Be Warm and Friendly – If you want to successfully build strong customer rapport, give your best smile, firm handshake, establish eye contact, and engage in conversation in a warm, friendly, and authentic way. Forcing friendliness can make your customers feel awkward. Simply show interest and avoid acting subserviently or being too pushy.
  • Give Genuine Compliments – Customers can often identify and get turned off by sycophants. Giving genuine compliments can get you somewhere. If you like their website or office, do not be afraid to say so. Your customers are more likely to appreciate authentic compliments, and this often benefits good customer rapport.
  • Be Trustworthy – You are more likely to earn your customer’s trust if you are able to keep up what you say and deliver your promise on time. Always keep your commitment—if you promise to call them, do so. Never make promises you cannot keep. You do not only lose a sale, but you also lost your customers and their trust. This makes customers doubt your capabilities and make them anxious to give referrals.

Listening to your customers means connecting with them and paying close attention to their needs
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  • Listen to Them – Building rapport and relationship with your customers does not mean doing all the talking. Take time to listen to your needs so that you will know their wants and needs and how your products and services can satisfy them. Listen to them as if your friend is explaining their problem to you. This often makes the conversation more genuine and welcoming. 

These are just some of the ways to charm your customers. Keep in mind that establishing a meaningful connection is key to bringing your business to new heights. 

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