Useful SEO Tips for Automotive Businesses

Keyword optimization is one of the go-to tactics for a successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. Your dental business needs to come up with keywords that speak for your business so it leads potential patients to your door.

Note that not every keyword will be useful for your clinic. When selecting the keywords for your practice, focus on those that will draw more traffic to your website.

How to Choose Your Keywords

● Use long-tail keywords.

There are two types of keywords:

– single-phrase (e.g. dentist)
– long-tail (e.g. emergency dental clinic)

Long-tail keywords are more specific. They may have less search volume compared to single-phrase keywords, but they have a higher chance for conversion.

More likely than not, those searching with single-phrase keywords are looking for general information. As a dental practice, the aim of your business to reach those who are ready to avail of your services. Users who fall into this category will type in the specific services they need, i.e. long-tail.

● Localize your keywords.

Local SEO Guide for Dentists: Finding the Right Keywords

Chances are your dental practice offers its services to the local community; you need to implement local SEO tactics.

Local SEO involves localizing your keywords. This means that you include the particular area/s you serve in the key terms containing your services, i.e. this formula: [dental service] + [location].

For instance:

denture repair Burlington
– laser teeth whitening Edmonton
– pediatric dentist Vaughan

Search engines aim to bring users the most relevant websites. When potential patients in your location search for dental services, search engines will prioritize the websites of clinics available in their area. Adding your geographic location to the keywords you choose will let search engines — and potential patients — find you more easily.

● Avoid high search volume keywords.

Higher search volume means more competition. If your website is new or has not yet achieved good rankings, you need to work your way from the bottom up. Start by selecting keywords with low search volume and low competition. Once you’ve gained good rankings in those keywords, you can begin exploring more competitive options so you maintain your momentum.

How to Generate Keywords

The Internet has placed at your disposal a wide variety of tools you can use to assist you with keyword generation.

● Search Bar Autocomplete

Local SEO Guide for Dentists: Finding the Right Keywords

The search bars in all search engines have been programmed with an autocomplete function. It is a tool that predicts the possible outcome of a user’s search query.

If you type “wisdom tooth” in the search engine, a drop-down menu will appear listing terms other users have searched for, like:

– wisdom tooth extraction
– wisdom tooth pain
– wisdom tooth removal

The autocomplete function suggests the most common searches. These are the terms potential patients likely use to search if they need dental services. Study the terms generated by the autocomplete function to give you an idea of the possible keywords you can use for your dental practice.

● Related Searches

Local SEO Guide for Dentists: Finding the Right Keywords

Some of the best search engines, like Google and Bing, have a section in the search results page dedicated to “related searches”. The Related Searches section displays the search terms related to your query.

For example, typing “dentist Oakville” will yield a list that includes:

● best dentist Oakville
● Oakville dental offices
● affordable dentist Oakville

● Keyword Tools

Local SEO Guide for Dentists: Finding the Right Keywords

Besides search engines, there are other websites that were developed to help you land the choicest keywords. Use them to your advantage.

Keyword Discovery
Keyword Tool

With good keyword selection and proper placement, you are well on your way to enhancing your website ranking. Doing this along with other proven SEO strategies and tactics will eventually get you more leads and bring more patients to your dental practice.