Thanks to the Internet, it’s become much easier for service providers, like asphalt paving contractors, to reach a wider audience. While this is good, there are a few things businesses can do to maximize site traffic and attract potential clients.

When consumers need services (including asphalt services like paving maintenance or resurfacing), Google has become the go-to source of information. To get more customers from Google, you need to get high search rankings to grab their attention.

Use these tips to help improve your rankings and appear to more would-be customers:

● Identify keywords

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Choose keywords that reflect the services your business provides (e.g. “commercial asphalt pavers in Toronto” or “crack sealing services in Vaughan”). Design your service pages around these keywords to bring in visitors looking for your services or just doing research. Insert these keywords where Google and viewers can see them (e.g. page titles, taglines, or meta descriptions).

● Build a business profile

SEO Guide for Asphalt Paving Contractors

Building a business profile (especially on Google My Business) is a good way to boost your online presence. Visitors looking for local asphalt paving can use this to find you more easily. Include important details on your profile (e.g. name, address, contact details, and hours) to make it easier for clients to contact you for your services. Be consistent with your information to ensure your online traffic goes where you need it.

● Focus on your area

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When developing a business profile and keywords, focus on your local area. For example, use keywords like “line painting in Toronto” if you are offering this service in Toronto. This allows Google to list your business on the search results when consumers search for paving services in the area.

● Optimize your website

Internet Marketing Ideas to Successfully Grow a Plumbing Business

A well-designed website can enhance the experience for your visitors, incentivizing them to use your services. Optimize your website to improve user experience. Remove any elements that can slow down loading time (e.g. large images and unnecessary plugins).

Additionally, because most consumers these days conduct their search on handheld devices, design the site to be mobile-friendly to give them easy access to your pages.

● Gather links

Useful SEO Tips for Automotive Businesses

Include links from authority sites on your pages to make them more credible. External links to similar paving services give you more authority, which boosts your presence in search results. Make arrangements with other paving services in the area to share links on each other’s sites. Also include internal links to your best pages. This can give visitors greater access to more of your content, improving user experience even more.

● Get reviews

Useful SEO Tips for Automotive Businesses

Always get reviews after you work on a project. Satisfied clients are usually willing to put in a good word, which can make a good impression on new clients. Google also looks for reviews to help determine if your business is legitimate. Focus on reviews on your Google My Business page to boost your rankings faster. Email your clients for reviews, and give them a link to your page to make it easier to collect reviews.

● Update frequently

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Always update your website with new and relevant content. Google prioritizes websites that update regularly, which can improve your search rankings. Use a blog or release videos to give your clients more useful information on paving that can drum up more business.

● Write engaging content

Useful SEO Tips for Automotive Businesses

Always anticipate the needs of your clients and make content that speaks to those needs.

Write about seasonal blog topics on caring for paving during summer or winter according to the season. Use content to engage with your customers; this will help you establish a connection and create loyalty for your brand.

Avoid writing content written specifically for search engines. You will get better results by focusing on your clients rather than using tricks to manipulate your search rankings.

Keep these tips in mind to help you stay competitive. Tailor this advice to suit your particular situation, and you can expect to receive increased amounts of website traffic.