What makes every new year interesting is that there are a new set of predictions, forecasts, and trends to expect. In the world of search engine optimization, while one can only anticipate, Google controls the potential changes that can happen each year in the SEO landscape.

While SEO is a vast and complex subject for many people, it can definitely help boost search engine ranking and promote brand recognition. However, it can be challenging to master the art of SEO. If you are planning to learn a few techniques of this art, the initial step is to know your priorities. In this post, we have gathered the top SEO tasks you should target this year:


Essential SEO Tasks to Target in 2018


1. Ranking and Optimizing Website for Mobile Search – It is important to understand that mobile search is quite different from the ones carried out on desktops. Since mobile search is a crucial ranking signal, you are required to optimize for your website for specifically for it. You can use the keyword rank checker from SE Ranking to accurately monitor the daily keyword ranking for mobile results in major search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It also provides valuable information on search visibility and traffic so that you can effectively optimize your SEO strategies and implement necessary website changes.

2. Improvement on Page Speed – Google made an announcement that at the start of July 2018, mobile website speed will be a considered a critical ranking signal. Online users tend to stay longer on pages that load faster, which in many cases improves user experience, ultimately increasing conversion rates. Here are several ways you can boost page speed:


Essential SEO Tasks to Target in 2018


  • Proper scaling and compression of images
  • Implementation of server caching, browser caching, and Gzip compression
  • Downsizing CSS and JavaScript files
  • Investing in high-performance web hosting
  • Eliminating WordPress plugins and merging CSS and JavaScript files by reducing HTTP calls

3. Ranking and Optimizing Local Search – Capitalize on on-site and off-site optimization for local searches. To monitor local search engine rankings, you can use tools to help you keep track of the local pack, maps, and organic ranking in search engines. In order to rank and optimize local search, learn how your target audience can find your website and rise above your competitors.


Essential SEO Tasks to Target in 2018


4. Link Building to Streamline Your Brand – Link outreach can be a challenging task as there is no easy way to earn quality links. Building a strong rapport and relationship is the foundation of effective link building — not through brute force and volume. In order to establish trust, a more effective strategy is to build a personal brand that is relatable and can connect to potential customers.