Good marketing is crucial to your clinic’s success
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A good rule of thumb when it comes to marketing is if you’re not marketing, you’re invisible. Marketing is vital for any business, including dental clinics. Attracting new patients is key to your clinic’s success, and you can only do that by making potential patients aware of you. Here’s a list of ideas that can help strengthen your online marketing and bring in more patients.

1. Implement a patient referral system

Third-party endorsements make up a significant amount of new patient growth. Getting your patients to refer more people can make a noticeable difference in terms of generating more business. Incentivize your patients to refer patients to visit in the future. Each new patient they refer can be rewarded with discounts or free products. These perks are also a great way to endear yourself with old and new patients, and cement their loyalty to your clinic.

2. Deal with reviews regularly

It’s also a good idea to encourage patients to leave reviews after every operation or appointment. Most aspiring patients tend to look at reviews before choosing a service, and having plenty of glowing reviews helps make an impression. Offer some benefits to encourage patients to leave reviews. Take the time to address those reviews and respond to patients to let them know that their voices are being heard. It’s also vital you respond to any negative reviews. How you respond to negative reviews is a great way to show your dedication to improvement and a willingness to be professional at all times.

Videos are a great source of quality content
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3. Create fresh content

Content is king, as conventional marketing wisdom goes, and it’s vital you take some time to create quality content. Patients crave information, and as a dentist, you’ve got expertise aplenty to share. Produce quality content to give your patients some know-how on dental issues. For example, offer tips on how to avoid cavities or why they should switch to electric toothbrushes. Videos are an especially effective source of information. Create some video guides for a more hands-on method of sharing your expertise.

4. Make a social media plan

Your website is your main tool for broadcasting your online presence, but it’s not the only one. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are excellent tools for building an online following. Leaving links to your website also helps direct that following to your clinic and generate more business. Your social media also provide a convenient platform to share content, allowing you to make your pages more relevant.

Set up some events and get together with your local community
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5. Be active in your community

Fun events for your local community are a great way to build a rapport with your neighbours. Think of them as a chance to show that you’re not all business and that you’re willing to provide an entertaining experience. Set up events related to your business, like photo shoots for patients with cosmetic treatments. It’s a great chance for your patients to show off at the same time.

Good marketing is key to any successful business. A strong marketing campaign helps put your clinic on the map and brings in plenty of qualified traffic. Keep these practices in mind to help build your dental clinic’s marketing strategy and bring in plenty of new patients.